Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shake-up within the Detroit Police Department

I had previously reported about a rather hellish experience that volunteers from the Warrendale Radio Patrol had on Angel's Night and how it only seemed to get worse when they turned to the Detroit Police Department for help. At the end of my posting on that subject, I mentioned that the entire matter had been brought to the attention of Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings.

An update was announced during the Warrendale Community Organization's November membership meeting. It's not clear if this happened as a direct result of their complaints, but I can announce three rather important things.
  • A police lieutenant with the Northwestern District of the Detroit Police Department, which serves the Warrendale neighborhood, has been demoted to sergeant and returned to patrol duty;
  • The police officer at the Northwestern District who refused to take a report from our volunteers has been relieved of duty. He was also ordered to undergo counselling before he can return to duty; and
  • The District also has a new community relations officer.
Again, it's not totally clear whether or not these developments are a result of the Angel's Night experience in Warrendale. It is possible that it's entirely a coincidence.

Regardless, I believe it is still very significant.

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Anonymous said...

im an investor who owns a couple homes in warrendale, i planned on buying more but with the total arrogance of the detroit police dept. and mayors office i find it difficult to spend anymore money. i renovate them in hopes of selling to a homeowner not a landlord! my properties are done with the best materials and workmanship. i have had the copper stolen from 2 homes in a month. the police or mayors office cant be bothered. yet i am a taxpayer (nonhomestead). cant sell the properties because of the 2 vacant properties next door (where they sell drugs out the window) the police cant be bothered with such a small problem. but if you dont get ahold of the smaller problems they will turn to big problems. the drugs are rampant on the street the section 8 mother smoking the pipe with her son in broad daylight on the porch, the drug dealer who makes deliveries in the middle of the day and he takes checks! i beleive the city needs the sincere investor who believes in and takes pride in the city of detroit. detroit's ratio of rentals to homeowners is way out of line. but without help or co-operation from the city the task is impossible!