Monday, November 20, 2006

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

The City of Detroit has made a multitude of changes in terms of how it handles our garbage. Many folks have criticized the new $300 annual fee for trash collection. I, however, have preferred to direct my wrath at how poorly Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and his administration have communicated the various changes that are happening.

One of those changes, and perhaps the one that has been communicated the worst of all, is the one that is impact everyone in Warrendale and across Detroit most directly at the moment.


Or, more specifically, what to do with them once you've raked them up.

For the record, the official rule is that leaves are to be placed in either a paper bag or in a seperate trash can but not in your Courville container. Those bags should be placed for collection at the same day as our regular trash collection (Tuesdays for everyone in the Warrendale neighborhood) and they should be positioned approximately 6 feet from your Courville container.

A seperate truck from the City's Department of Public Works is assigned to pick up all leaves through the month of November, provided that they meet those rules. If your leaves do not meet those rules then the City will not pick them up. Furthermore, the City will consider any bags of leaves that don't comply with those rules - such as ones that are in a plastic bag instead of a paper one - to be bulk trash that has been put out early.

Bulk trash that is put out early could subject the owner in question to a ticket. More importantly, it's a very expensive ticket and if you have a couple hundred dollars to blow, I suggest taking your favorite blogger out of an evening of drinking rather than give it to the City.

To recap: leaves that are bagged like the ones below will be picked up by DPW on Tuesdays.

Leaves that are bagged like these will get you a ticket that you really don't want.

It sucks, but I suggest heading over to one of our local hardware store and picking up some of those leaf bags. That or do what I do and compost leaves in your backyard.


Anonymous said...

The city has communication on one of its postcards. That's where I saw you need to use paper bags. While the city didn't put out a big splash concerning this, they did at least put it on the bulk trash materials that was sent to the house. I do know for a fact that a lot of folks didn't read it because my neighbor asked me why I put my leaves in paper bags.

FrankNemecek said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I looked at the 2 postcards that arrived at my house and didn't see it on either of them.

I must have missed the other postcard.