Friday, November 24, 2006

Foggy Friday Morning in Warrendale

There was a think layer of fog throughout the Warrendale neighbor- hood, and much of the Detroit area, this morning. Since I didn't have to work because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to snap a few photographs.

I started with some simple shots the streets, photographing them with different exposure settings and setting on my camera. It was actually rather fun to experient with how the different setting would effect the photo and how light seemed different when the photo is taken in the middle of a foggy street.

Taking photos in the middle of street is always an interesting thing to do. I had to keep looking behind me every few seconds to make sure there wasn't a car coming. (Don't try this at home kids - after all, I'm a professional.)

Anyway, after grabbing a few shots in the street, I decided to move on Rouge Park and shoot a few photos there. Once again, I tried shooting different subjects in the park; using different exposures and camera settting to see how the photo would look in such a foggy condition.

I tried grabbing a few shots of birds as they flew away, but in the fog it was impossible to focus on them. Instead I focused by photographic studies on the roads that run through Rouge Park, the canon at Sawyer and Spinoza, the baseball diamonds that I used to play on as a kid and some of the trees in the park.

It was actually a lot of fun and a great way to spend the monring before heading downtown to meet some friends for lunch.

You can see the rest of my "Foggy Day in Warrendale (Detroit)" photos on my Flickr page. I'm really thrilled with the way that most of them turned out and rather hoping that we have another foggy day soon so I can do this again.

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Anonymous said...

"Warrendale Neighbor-HOOD" I like
that Frank.Quite clever.Enjoyed
the pics of Rouge Park.You'd
swear you were way out in the
country far from "The Hood"
Another reason Rough Park is so
important to Warrendale. Keep
up the good work Frank. I love
your blog.