Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Detroit Police Make Sweep Through Warrendale

It was reported at the Warrendale Community Organization's November membership meeting on Monday evening that the Detroit Police Department had made a sweep through the Warrendale neighborhood this past Saturday, November 4.

This sweep resulted in 72 abandoned vehicles being tagged on the streets of Warrendale. In addition, a total of 15 arrests were made on Saturday - 2 of which were people who were stealing copper wire in our neighborhood.

They followed this up with a second sweep this morning for abandoned vehicles in the area. I saw them tag 4 vehicles that were illegally parked in a vacant lot on Ashton. All 4 of those vehicles are scheduled to be towed on Friday, November 10 unless they are moved by their owners.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know who that person was
that was found dead along the
Southfield service drive the other