Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mail Bag: Rouge Park Unfit for Kids

In the comments section for "My Thoughts on the Rouge Park Sale", CanoeCarver opined that Rouge Park isn't safe for children anymore because the rampant acts of sexuality that happen in public througout the park, mostly committed by gay men.

Once upon a time, his concerns were definately an issue. When I was growing up in Warrendale in the 1970s and 80s, this was a huge problem. There was an enormous amount of sexual activitity that happened in that park and, a child, I was frequently exposed to it.

However, during Mayor Dennis Archer's administration, the Detroit Police Department began to crack down on it and crack down harshly. (Harsh enough, in fact, that the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the DPD.)

Since then, DPD has grown to be much more respectful of civil rights and I haven't seen a single sexual act in Rouge Park. However, I'm only in Rouge Park every so often. It's possible that it's still going on and I'm simply not seeing it.

If anyone else has seen any wanton acts of inappropriate behavior, please feel free to leave a note about it in the comments section.

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