Monday, October 30, 2006

Interesting Paragraph

Rouge Park users celebrate

The Freep covered Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's decision not to sell 115 acres of parkland in Rouge Park in their Friday issue. The most interesting portion of the entire article, in my opinion, came at the very end.
(Mayoral spokeman Matt) Allen said the city is about to announce a new recreation master plan and intends to sell some parks and other surplus land for housing. The city wants to put recreation closer to the biggest population centers in the city, he said. Parks that are sold would be replaced by green space elsewhere.
We will have to watch the release of this master plan very carefully. It could be that I'm just paranoid, but there's this little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying that they're about to try selling the Ryan playground in Warrendale.

Only time will tell, though.


Anonymous said...

you are not paranoid....your thinking is right on the seems like the city has been trying to bust warrendale and the rouge park area for decades now...we have to protect what green space we have....infill housing is a complete joke...nobody is buying houses as it is ..anywhere.. let alone detroit...the people of rouge park and warrendale really have to step it up now...we are at war with the city..our quality of life is at stake...we need to fight fire with fire and start really taking charge....the warrendale community org ..and the friends of rouge have to start an advertising blitz...door to door....newspapers..metro news...we need to raise money...and gain power downtown.....we need to change the direction this area is going...we need to create a city with in the city...we need our own standards..and enforce them tired of seeing this gem of an area go to waste!!!!!

Me said...

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