Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hollywood Tobacco - Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week

Oh, what a week this has been for me personally. It started with an insanely busy weekend and isn't likely to let up for another couple of days.

Anyway, before I rush off again, I wanted to chime in with the Cool Warrendale Thing of the Week for October 18, 2006. It's the soon to be opened Hollywood Tobacco Shop (19501 W. Warren Avenue).

It's spray-painted sign is tacky as all hell and I'm not a huge fan of tobacco stores in general. However, and this is the important part, the opening of Hollywood Tobacco brings us to an even dozen for the number of new businesses to have opened in Warrendale this year.

Yes, one of them - Papa Joe's Buffet - has closed its doors. Business is bad for restaurants right now in general. However, the other ones seem to be doing just fine for themselves.

Still, I think it's very cool that we've had a dozen new businesses open in Warrendale this year and three more undergo a significant expansion. When you consider how things are for the rest of Michigan - Warrendale is kicking butt and taking names.


Anonymous said...

Papa Joes didn't have any parking and the building is unremarkable looking...I think that ppl driving by just dont notice it..

Anonymous said...

although i am glad that some nice brick bulidings are being built in warrendale..the business itself are a real drag...we dont need 5 tobacco stores on warren...or lousy dollar stores...warrendale is starting to look like evey other main strip in shops,car dealers,car washes,fast food,car repair,..great places like
LaHasenda close up and are replaced by something like a cash advance that never goes away....little ceasers pizza closes,we get a car blockbuster is wraps more tanning salon,we used to have fruit markets,bakery,...the best looking business on the strip are funeral homes...we have to stop the bleeding of warrendale now!!!!..i think the only way to get warrendale on the right path is to get more immigrants,the gay lesbien communtity,young suburban live in warrendale....when i go to downtown ferndale..or the verner strip in southwest detroit..or jos campo in hamtramick...i get disgusted that we are letting our community go down the tubes....we need a plan....and we need to do it ourselves without the city of detroit...we need everyone to go to the meetings and donate money..we need power downtown..and we need to be strong....this could be THE HIPPEST spot in wayne county if we played our cards right...