Tuesday, October 03, 2006

480 Violators

The Warrendale Community Organization recently completed a survey of environmental issues in Warrendale, west of the Southfield Freeway. They found 480 homes in Warrendale that were in violation of one environmental ordinance or another (trash in front of the house, tall grass, etc.).

There are 9,036 homes in that section of Warrendale so that means 94.7% of Warrendale residents are in great shape. However, for the remaining 5.3%, I should point out that their list has been turned over the City of Detroit. I would expect a blitz of tickets in the very near future.

If you have bulk trash sitting in front of your house (for a pick-up that, by the way, won't be coming until November 2) or there's any other issue that you know you should have already dealt with, I would encourage you to take care of it before the City gets there. Those tickets get can really expensive.

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