Saturday, October 07, 2006

100s Rally for Rouge Park

Close to one hundred Detroiters came out to a rally this afternoon to protest Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick's decision to sell most of River Rouge Park south of Joy Road. The rally was organized by the Friends of Rouge Park, with assistance from the Detroit Aero Modelers, Far West Civic Association and the West Outer Drive Civic Association.

Mayor Kilpatrick is proposing to sell 115 acres of prime parkland in our neighborhood. Five different developers have submitted bids for residentials or commericial developments on the city-owned parkland. These 115 acres of land have been divided by the City of Detroit into five parcels for development purposes.

According to Paul Stark, a former president of the Warrendale Community Organization an active participant in the campaign to block this sale, none of the five proposals are beneficial to Detroit. One of the teams to submit a bid, RAYO Development in partnership with the Sterling Group, is only offering $361,200 for all five of those parcels.

The World Deliverance Temple in Deaborn Heights offered $850,000 for a parcel off of W. Outer Drive and $1.45 million for another parcel at W. Warren and Pierson. This appeared to be the most generous of the offers that the City received for the property. However, their proposal also calls for the City to pay for new streets, sewage system, public lighting and fencing throughout the area. Those costs are expected to consume, if not exceed, what the Temple is prepared to buy the land for.

I have 64 different photos from the rally this afternoon viewable at I invite you to check them out and leave a comment, if you so desire.


Anonymous said...

just what Detroit needs, more homes that will sit vacant in a slow market and businesses that vill sit vacant in a slow economy...If they are going to re-develop it, why don't they try soemthing that benefits Detroit like an amusement park or outdoor concert venue....

cracktown! USA said...

i check your blog religiously - i almost always learn something useful.

you know, i live in the corridor...erm, i mean, MIDTOWN, the "intellectual hub" of detroit.

after 3 years here, i decided this neighborhood sucks, its nothing more than a giant wayne state propaghanda campaign.

sure there's some more bars, some fancy new lofts, and ooooh, a new star bucks - buts its still the same blighted crap hole that it was during the 80s. it looks like a zombie movie after dark.

once i graduate, i'm totally moving to warrendale.

FrankNemecek said...

I look forward to having you as a neighbor.