Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Business Development in Warrendale

There has been a phenominal amount of new businesses opening in Warrendale; along with existing businesses getting spruced up.

The old Norgetown Laundromat is latest one. They are still doing work on it, but they have the old windows boarded over (pretty sure that's just temporary), the old sign removed and a new one on the roof. I've also noticed a lot of folks doing work inside of the building.

Also, Movie Mania Video (18251 W Warren Ave - (313) 982-1500) got a spiffy make-over recently. The place looks really good.


Anonymous said...

i remember hearing the whole reason that WCCU or CCCU closed was because norgetown wouldn't sell so the credit union could make a drive through..

FrankNemecek said...

And now both of them are gone.

Total bummer!

Oh, well - at least there are now new businesses in both locations.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the CCCU. I once wrote a letter to them asking for an explaination of why they closed the Warrendale Branch.

I accused them of being both bigots and not caring for middle to lower income people.

I recieved an adequete response, and was told that consolidation was needed for the CU to remain solvent. Imagine my surprise when they opened a branch at Joy and Wayne! I once again contacted them, they were weenies and flabbergasted that anyone would complain. They actually told me that they opened it because it was closer for former Warren Avenue customers and for customers in Westland? Since when is this closer than Fenkell and Beech?

Anonymous said...

the beech and fenkell branch is in North Redford right? Joy and Wayne would have to put it in your right i dunno either..