Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bulk Trash in Warrendale

Okay - so everyone who has read this blog (or any of the newspapers) knows that the City is bringing back bulk trash collection in October. However, anyone who has looked at a calendar lately should also know that it's still September.

This means that no one should have stuff out for bulk trash pick-up for another couple of weeks. Anyone who does is subject to a rather large ($200, if I recall correctly) fine from the City.

So, everyone, please do yourself a favor and find somewhere to store your junk for the time being. I mention this because I've seen a few folks who look like they have stuff out for bulk-trash collection, like this person on Ashton.

Seriously - if you're looking to blow a couple hundred bucks then just take me out for an evening of drinking. I guarantee you it'll be a lot more fun than leaving your trash lying around.

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