Monday, August 07, 2006

Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the primary elections throughout Michigan. I would like to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

I'd also like to offer my personal endorsements and commentary for the various races.

Republicans Michael Bouchard and Keith Butler will square off tomorrow to determine which of them will face the incumbent, Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Each of them are equally evasive about they would actually do if elected.

As a result, I wouldn't vote for either of them in tomorrow's G.O.P. primary. Instead, I'll focus on the Democratic side.

Michigan House of Representatives - 10th District
The incumbent Gabe Leland is being challenged by 7 different people in tomorrow's race. Of the challengers, the 2 front-runners who seem to be getting most of the attention are Frederik Roquemore and Stephanie Young.

Leland drew a lot of criticism from folks who said that he was too young or too inexperienced when he first sought office two years ago. However, his legislative record since then puts him on par with anyone else in the Legislature. He also shows up at the Warrendale Community Organization meetings on a regular basis and put in an appearance at the Motor City Make Over that they did earlier this year; helping to clean up a portion of the Southfield Fwy. service drive - something that none of the other candidates did.

Roquemore is an unknown entity to me. I've seen his lawn signs all over the place and he supposedly lives on W. Warren Avenue (20044 West Warren, according to his filing). However, I haven't seen him any where.

For what it's worth, Roquemore picked up an endorsement from my counterpart at However, I would have vastly prefered it if I had actuaually seen Roquemore somewhere prior to election day. A WCO meeting. Some community event. Anything, really.

As for Young, who was one of a handful of Democrats to pick-up an endorsement from Right-to-Life of Michigan, I have to admit that she has more or less ably performed her prescribed duties as manager of our local neighborhood city hall. My issue with her is that when someone presents her with a complaint about city services, her most frequent answer is to encourange them to call 3-1-1.

That always irks me because, according to the City's records from the 3-1-1 Call Center, more calls come from the Warrendale neighborhood than anywhere else in the city. Quite frankly, I don't think we really need someone urging us to call 3-1-1. We need someone to make sure that workers within the City are doing their jobs after we call 3-1-1.

That, in my opinion, is something that the manager of our neighborhood city hall should do - but she hasn't done it.

As a result, I'm throwing my support behind the incumbent Gabe Leland.

Michigan Senate - 5th District
Our incumbent State Senator Burton Leland is term-limited out this year. A total four Democrats and one Republican are looking to replace him. Of the five candidates, only one - Republican David L. Malhalab actually lives in Warrendale. However, since he's the only Republican in the running - I'll save discussion of him for the general election.

For tomorrow's primary, our choices are Janet Badalow of Dearborn Heights and three former state representatives - each of whom was term-limited out and is currently seeking a return trip to Lansing. With options like that, I have to say that Derrick Hale is our best option.

Every time I've spoken with Hale over the years, I was always suprised by the eloquence of his reasonings. He served our neighbors to the north well as a state representative and I believe he'll serve us well as a state senator.

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