Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sorry about not posting much

I wanted to post one quick note to apologize to everyone in the neighborhood about not getting as much stuff out as I usually do. For the past week, I've been running around like a proverbial chicken with my head cut off.

For those of you who don't know, besides writing this blog I also coordinate a lot of the P.R. efforts for Detroit Synergy Group. Last week, they had two events that were aimed at bringing at least some of the Dream Cruise into the Motor City: Cars & Guitars on Thursday, August 17 and Cruise in Detroit on Saturday, August 19.

Oh, and this coming Saturday is their annual fundraiser - Pub Crawl VII: Hazen Pingree's Birthday. What better way to celebrate the 166th birthday of one of Detroit's great mayors than by bouncing between 5 different bars in 1 night with a couple hundred of your best friends?

All funds raised that night go to promote Detroit Synergy's various projects - such as Project Clean, which brought a dozen or so people to Warrendale earlier this year to pick-up trash along the Southfield Freeway service drive.

I hope to see a few folks from Warrendale join us that evening.

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