Monday, August 07, 2006

No Response from the Mayor

It's now been a month since I sent a letter to Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings, in which I expressed my concerns over their lack of enforcement when it comes to narcotics trafficking in the Warrendale neighborhood. It has, unfortunately, reached the point where it's a newsworthy event when I only see one drug deal happening in this neighborhood. The Detroit Police Department is doing all they can, but with so few officers on the job - they are very limited in what they can do.

I mentioned all of this in my letter - and reminded the Mayor of what he said during the campaign about Detroit needing to hire more cops. In spite of that, I haven't heard anything back from either the Mayor or his staff.

If that changes, you'll read about it here in Warrendale (Detroit) Blog. Until then, here's a link once more to my letter:


Anonymous said...

I, too sent him a letter in 2004 about a Detroit issue. He sent me a postcard about 2 months later telling me that I was a "Valueble asset and that he would give my ideas the utmost consideration." I was a very geneic and he obvoiusly had thousands of them printed up..I was nice to know my letter showed up downtown at least..

Anonymous said...

He isn't going to answer you because he cannot do anything about it and he is getting fed up with all the complaints of his constituents.

The guy is a looser. He has let the city down, its residents down and himself and his legacy down as well... looser, looser, looser


Hello Warrendale
The Detroit Police Department's Reorganization Plan, approved by Police Chief Ella 'the snitch' Bully- Cummings is a completer FAILURE.
Detroit police officers, visitors and residents lives have been put in greater danger that ever before. The plan cuts more than half of the jail space needed to house prisoners, meaning some are going free or not getting arrested because there is no space to hold them.
The plan doubles up police in a police station, not built to handle that many officers. Police response time has soared, and making a police report is now too time consuming for the public and officers, or having a community meeting in a station is impossible.
Detroit has needed a Verified Response System, for responding to B&E alarms and has failed to implement it. Detroit Police officers are being used as security guards by profit making alarm companies to handle their alarms at publice expense.
Detroit Police are being used as security guards by Mike Ilitch and William Ford at Tiger, Red Wing and Lions games all at public expense forsaking public safety in the NEIGHBORHOODS.
My garage has been broken into twice now, in two months.
Now is the time to protest bad Police Department management - not police officers
Call the Mayors office ( 313 224 3400) or City Council (313 224 4505) and say we need a new police chief and better police protection.