Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mail Bag: Election Results

An anonymous reader wrote in to say:
I think your racism showed thru by your endorsement of Gabe for the post he sought. Stephanie was far more qualified and would have been a more committed representative as she is a resident of Warrendale, or did you know that? She has a home, not an apartment, and two kids in city schools.
First off, don't be a coward.

If you want to insult me then please have the courage and the integrity to put your name on the insult. Everything that I post here has my name and photo on it. I stand behind what I say. Please do the same.

Second, I am well aware of the issues that you raised with Gabe Leland. I never once said that he was the perfect candidate. My reasons for endorsing him over Stephanie Young were precisely what I spelled out in my original post.

Wanting the manager of the local neighborhood city hall to follow-up on complaints with the City does not make me a racist. More over, you are an ignorant jackass (as well as a coward) for saying that it does.

Quite frankly, I don't care how many children Ms. Young has in the Detroit Public Schools. DPS, after all, is dumping their trash in Warrendale - just like the vandals. If she wants to move into an elected position then I would encourage her to start following-up on citizen complaints.

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