Monday, August 07, 2006

Gun buyback is a hit in Detroit

Gun buyback is a hit in Detroit - 08/03/06 - The Detroit News Online

Okay, so I promote the fact that the Detroit Department of Transportation is hiring more bus drivers and they are swamped with applications.

I promote the fact that the Police Department is looking to buy guns - no questions asked - and they are swamped with people looking to take them up on their offer.

Dang! I am seriously impressed with the power of the blog.

Okay, okay - before everyone starts clicking the "leave comment" link and telling me that I've officially lost my marbles as well as my hair - I'm only kidding. I know that I'm exaggerating my own importance in this post.

Self-delusion is a hobby of mine at times. Don't worry. I don't let it get the best of me.

In a related note, though, I do feel the urge to respond to a group of ill-informed nitwits calling themselves the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms out of Bellevue, Washington. They issued a statement complaining that this may have allowed some criminals to get rid of a murder weapon.

The problem with that is the DPD is stretched so thin - and is completely devoid of forensic specialists - that it's doubtful they would've been able to link a murdered to his weapon, even if it was recovered.

The gun buy-back program, therefore, isn't helping anyone escape justice. Their already escaping because of problems with DPD staffing. All the buy-back did is prevent the same murder weapon from being used again, because the firearms involved are destroyed.

Granted, I would've preferred to see DPD dramatically boost its staffing levels and build up a forensic unit - but that's a complaint for another post.

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