Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Election Results

The results from the primary election held yesterday are in.

State Representative Gabe Leland, who was endorsed by this blog, survived a primary challenge from a half dozen different fellow Democrats. Quite frankly, I think if there weren't so many candidate in the running, he might not have made it. However, that wasn't the case. Since the Republicans are not fielding a candidate for that seat in November, Leland is essentially assured re-election at this point.

Former State Representative Tupac Hunter emerged victorious in the Democratic primary for the State Senate seat in our area. He will face Republican candidate, and Warrendale resident, David L. Malhalab this Novemeber for a seat that the incumbent State Senator Burton Leland is forced to give up due to term limits.

Speaking of the elder Leland, while he won't be in Lansing any longer, he will likely still be in professional politics. Burton Leland won the Democratic primary yesterday for the 7th District on the Wayne County Commission, which represents an area north of Warrendale. The Republicans aren't fielding a candidate in that race either so Leland is essentially guaranteed election.

From our own district on the Wayne County Commission, our incumbent commissioner Alisha Bell handidly won a primary race over challlenger Jonathon Kinloch with 90% of the vote, to Kinloch's 10%. (Heck, I managed to get almost 20% of the vote when I ran against Ms. Bell's mother Edna in 1996 - but that's another story).


Anonymous said...

Too bad Gabe won re-election. Didn't do anything the first time, won't do anything the second time. Party boy extrodiaire doesn't have time nor the inclination to do anything about the neighborhood he supposedly lives in... doesn't know a drug deal from a conversation - must have a runner do his bidding for him. Sniff his shirt next time you get close. You will get a contact high. That is what he is all about and that is all he cares about.

Street life doesn't phase him because he is no different than the renters here in Warrendale. He has no vested interest and he isn't a stake holder. He has a boat in the back of his property that has been sitting there for over 8 months and has done nothing to get rid of it, but he criticized our WCO president making snide remarks and being rude in the back of the room when she put that out there at a meeting.

I think your racism showed thru by your endorsement of Gabe for the post he sought. Stephanie was far more qualified and would have been a more committed representative as she is a resident of Warrendale, or did you know that? She has a home, not an apartment, and two kids in city schools.

Then again, we are going to continue to be fortunate enough to have her at neighborhood city hall to handle our problems which she has always done with grace and style and gotten things done for us.

She has attended more community meetings and functions than Gabe ever did. Like the president of WCO said several times, he never had an agenda or a platform and he still doesn't. He smokes the stuff we are trying to get off our streets.

The county tossed a house right behind his apartment. There is debris everywhere, so where is Gabe Leland in all of this? Looking out his window saying someone should do something about that, not stepping to the plate to something himself.

Sorry Mr. Blog - you are way off base on this one.


Hello Warrendale
Elect me your next State Senator
I am an Armenian-Ukranian, born in Dearborn and raised in Dearborn Heights.
I graduated from Fordson High,
HFCC, and the Univ Of Michigan - Drbn.
I have lived in Warrendale almost 30 years, and was a Detroit Police Officer for 23.5 years, until I recieved a duty disability from the Department.
I spent 23.5 years wearing a badge and a gun to protect and serve residents of Detroit and I want to continue to protcect and serve as a State Senator.
I will shake up Lansing, I will not tolerate partianship that diverts attention away for solving the problems this state faces.
I want better public schools, better police protection and an end to illiteracy in Detroit and throughout Michigan.
I want your support and vote.
Vote: David L. Malhalab, sgt dpd retired, Nov 7, 2006


Warrendale residents...
I need your vote for STATE SENATE
5th District, Tuesday, November 7
I am opposed to any sale of Rouge Park. There is 140 Acres of vacant land - Herman Gardens at Joy Rd - Southfield, that should be developed.
Rouge Park is a trust - for the residents of Detroit - not a revenue source for the Mayor's father and friends.
I have spoken out - about the failure of Chief Ella 'the snitch'
Cummings - Detroit Police Reorganization Plan - most recently at the Bushnel Church meeting, October 23. The Plan has placed residents and police officers lives in great danger. You are not getting the police protection you need and deserve.
Call the Mayor's Office and the Detroit City Council (224 4505)
and demand better police service.
Please VOTE...NOVEMBER 7...

Concerned Citizen said...

FYI, I personally know Gabe Leland and I have never witnessed him using drugs in any shape, form or fashion. I know for a fact that he doesn't use drugs. He can't even stand the smell of cigarette smoke. You people who are making up this lies, are vicious and vindictive, and you are the reason why there is so much hatred in this state towards people of other races. The Lelands are well respectable people who care about what goes on in the community. Being a black female myself, I am very aware of the many challenges my people face. I have personally witnessed Gabe Leland roll up his sleeves, and go to work in our community. I think that instead of his opponents bashing him, they should focus on congragulating him on his victory, After all that's what makes a TRUE WINNER!!! And that probably explains why you LOST. Further more, I drove past Mr. Leland's property, and I never saw any trash. I am sick and tired of hearing these lies about Mr. Leland, and I wish they would stop!!! I think that these lies are all racially motivated, and I feel that it is a crying shame that people of other races can't live hear comfortably without being judged or lied upon. That is what's wrong with the city of Detroit, there is absolutely no diversity, and I believe that this is the reason why this city has not progressed over the years. And last, but not least, the people of Detroit have spoken, and the winner has been chosen. Obviously Stephanie wasn't chosen because the people of Detroit didn't feel she was qualified. Please allow Gabe leland to do his job. I am sure in 2007, he will prove that the people of Detroit made the right decision by chosing him to be their State Representative. Oh,and by the way, just because someone is a resident, doesn't mean their qualified for a political position. Gabe was re-elected because he had the experience, not because he was just a resident. Stephanie is better qualified for the position she has, and that is the reason she is still there. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just believe that people are placed where they should be, and not where they think is best for them. That's just how life works. And to the ones who lost, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!