Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mail Bag: Tomo Makes Me Blush

A reader named Tomo wrote in to say:

I (consciously) drove through Warrendale for the first time this weekend as a direct result of this blog. It was a nice part of Detroit, one that I'd overlooked, and quite interesting as it got closer and closer to Dearborn on Warren. I wonder if a rising tide in Dearborn will lift Warrendale and we'll one day see multi-storey infill on Warren.
First off, thanks Tomo! It's nice to know that my writing is actually having some kind of an impact on people.

I'm sure we'll see a lot of development in Warrendale over the next year or so. However, I'm not whether it will be spill-over from Dearborn, the result of the $6 million NFL/Youth Education Town or simply a matter of the half-dozen or so new businesses that have opened up here in the past couple of months continuing to spur new investors.

Of course, I have to confess that I'm not going to worry too much about why it happens as long as it happens.

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