Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ideas for Warrendale: Rouge Park

One of the interesting things about running a blog is that folks are always sending you stuff. Rants about something they don't like. Tips about something they heard.

My favorite, though, is when folks send me their ideas for making Warrendale a better place to live, work and play. Today, I want to share with everyone a pair of ideas that I've received. I encourage everyone to use the comment feature on this blog to share your thoughts on what these two people said.

Harvey Santana, who is working on the MMBA's mountain bike trail in Rouge Park, wrote in with a few ideas that he has for making the area better.
Has there ever been conversation or an attempt to create A warrendale business Association to mimic the Southwest Detroit Business Association? With the housing stability and vibrant thourghfare of Warrendale I think that it is missing a critical link in that their is no visible connection amongst the business and community...at least not from where I stand.
There used to be a Warrendale Business Association. However, it folded in the mid-1990s. The Warrendale Community Organization tried to restart it (back in 1998, if I remember correctly). In fact, I chaired the WCO committee that was trying to do it. However, in all candor, I failed miserably.

If there are any business owners who would like to try and restart it, please let me know. I'd love to help in any way that I can.
However, In the event you choose to submit another "cool cities" grant application, please consider the following.

A) a botanical garden of plants and flowers at Rouge Park. A horticultural society could be formed with the sole purpose of raising funds and maintaining this site,

B) a race track for remote control cars (paved and unpaved), I see kids throughout Warrendale zipping these cars through the streets. It would cost peanuts to construct something.

C) a skate park...Perhaps you have seen this on the X-games. Detroit as a city is always in competition to attract major sporting events and has trouble doing so. Which leads me to my point why not compete at a lower level and attract something that creates national attention.

D) create a graffiti Hall of Fame. Have you seen the random graffiti throughout Detroit? some of it is very good. However, it loses my attention when it's on a business that someone invested their hard earned money into. Why not create a wall like the veterans memorial in DC, where artists from all around can create their masterpieces. Whenever someone wants to go and paint then they go there. They won't get into trouble because it's legal.
I'm not overly thrilled with the Graffiti Hall of Fame, but I love each of his other ideas. Although, if the Grafiti Hall of Fame were incorporated into a skate park - that could be interesting. It would create a synergy effect; marrying two different sub-cultures or cliques that are often close to each other.

Again, these are my thoughts. I invite everyone to post their own ideas or comments.


tomo said...

Many of the metro areas cities have skate parks. They can be quite expensive (several hundreds of thousands of dollars) to build. Right now Dug Song is trying to get one built in Ann Arbor. Check out http://a2skatepark.org/

Anonymous said...

What do you all think about selling off rouge park?

FrankNemecek said...

I haven't heard anything about selling off the entire park. However, the Mayor has proposed selling land for new home construction around the Rouge Park Golf Course.

Frankly, I think that's a good idea. It brings in some cash for the City. We generate some constructions jobs. Plus, it doesn't interfere with use of the park for most residents.