Monday, July 17, 2006

Heart of Detroit is on a roll

Heart of Detroit is on a roll - 07/15/06 - The Detroit News Online

I was checking out The Detroit News and found the article hyper-linked above. It's about young folks, mostly recent college grads, who are moving into lofts downtown - creating one of the hottest real estate markets in Michigan.

Even thought the article wasn't about Warrendale, I'm thrilled that there are folks like the ones featured in that article moving from the suburbs into downtown Detroit. With the hipsters moving in, a whole bunch of bars, restaraunts and retail store have opened up - creating jobs and tax revenue for a city that, quite frankly, is in desperate need of both.

My only how the Kilpatrick Administration is treating everyone who don't live in a hip, trendy loft.

I know several people who live in these new lofts downtown. I was talking to one of them and he told me about how a pair of police officers showed up when someone was stealing clothes from the laundry room in his building. The part that really blew me away was when he told me the day and time that all of this happened.

It at almost the exact same day and time as when I was on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator. It was last summer; two drug dealers were having an argument in front of my home and one of them had just pulled out a gun. I was told that DPD didn't have any officers available to respond.

Luckily, the argument ended without any shots being fired. However, if one of them had fired his weapon, there's a good chance that any number of people could have been hit by a stray bullet.

So to recap: someone stealing clothes from the laundry room in the New Center area warrants two police officers.

Out in Warrendale, however, when two drug dealers are potentially shooting at each other with a bunch of kids close enough to get hit by a stray bullet - oh, sorry - nothing they can do about that.

A domestic dispute that turns violent and some guy is trying to repeatedly run a pregnant woman over with his car? (A couple of weeks prior to the drug dealers). Oh, sorry - DPD doesn't have enough officers to respond to one that either.

One drug deal after another? Sorry, there's nothing the Detroit Police Department can do about that, even when you photograph the drug deal happening and have the license plate numbers of the dealer and his customer.

But the police somehow find the resources to send a couple of officers when someone is stealing a pair of jeans from the laundry room of a new condo.

I can't be upset with the police officers themselves. They don't decide how many offiers are on the job or where they are deployed. I'm sure that if we allowed the DPOA to make all of the hiring decisions, Warrendale and the other neighborhoods would have a lot more officers assigned to respond to those 9-1-1 calls.

All of this makes me wonder: precisely how many martinis do f0lks in Warrendale have to order before Mayor Kilpatrick and Chief Bully-Cummings realize that we pay taxes, too?

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