Friday, July 21, 2006

Governor Granholm Announces 23 Projects Selected as 2006 Cool Cities Designees

Governor Granholm Announces 23 Projects Selected as 2006 Cool Cities Designees

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm announced her selections for the 2006 Cool Cities program. As I mentioned before, the Warrendale Community Organization nominated the Warrendale neighborhood for this honor.

While a total of 23 communities across Michigan were selected, Warrendale wasn't one of them. Governor Granholm hasn't given us any specific reasons as of yet as to why Warrendale wasn't selected (although her staff did promise a detailed response to that in a few weeks).

Regardless, my personal belief is that this has more to do with numbers than anything else. Of the 23 community projects that were selected from across Michigan, 3 of them are in the City of Detroit (Grandmont Rosedale, Focus: HOPE and Chaldeantown, which is along 7 Mile on the near east side). Another one of the selectees was the City of Dearborn.

All of this creates a situation where Warrendale is largely surrounded by other nominees. Since the Governor is up for re-election, and presumably is under a certain amount of pressure to spread those designations out across Michigan, I can see why she might have passed on us.

Regardless, it's a bit of a disappointment to lose.

I had mentioned before that we were hoping to use the Cool Cities designation to a) finish the MMBA Bike Trail in River Rouge Park, b) renovate the Lloyd Ryan Playground and c) take advantage of priority access to 178 different programs from the State of Michigan. The MMBA will keep looking for funds for the bike trail andI'm sure they'll get it. The WCO will keep looking for a way to improve the playground and I'm sure it will happen.

And I'm sure we'll still go after those 178 benefit programs, even if we don't have "priority" access to them.

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