Thursday, July 06, 2006

Construction Heats Up at the NFL/YET

I have a confession to make. Since I live west of the Southfield Freeway, all that I've even seen of the site for the NFL/Youth Education Town–Boys & Girls Club is a massive field of grass.

Specifically, a massive field of grass that hasn't been cut in years.

However, when I was seaching on-line for some information about when construction would begin, I found out that it already has begun. It's just that the construction site is far enough east that you can't see it from the Southfield Freeway. You can see photos from the groundbreaking and early construction at

I was there this morning and it looks like they pretty much have the foundation completed for the 30,000 square foot facility. The whole thing is supposed to be completed by next spring.

Oh, and one other thing that I learned is that while the grounds surrounding the complex will be named the Dick & Sandy Dauch Campus, the team sports field will be named the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Athletic Field in recognition of a generous commitment by Mr. Wilson, who lives in Michigan and owns the Buffalo Bills.

The fact that Mr. Wilson's name is attached to the sports field, of course, means that a certain anonymous poster will be stopping by any minute now to call Mr. Wilson an egomaniac.

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