Monday, July 10, 2006

As killings rise, Detroit cops get help

As killings rise, Detroit cops get help
According to an article in this morning's Detroit Free Press, the Northwestern District of the Detroit Police Department has been quietly using a program called Operation TIDE (Tactical Intelligence Driven Enforcement) to identify and crack down on the city's worst criminals. The Northwestern District, of course, includes Warrendale.

I'm thrilled that there is something positive happening in Warrendale.

The one problem with things like Operation TIDE is that it purely about sharing information between various law enforcement agencies. It does not increase the number of police officers on patrol or responding to 9-1-1 calls.

Since so many 9-1-1 calls are going unanswered, or taking insanely long for a response, I have serious doubts about how big of an impact this will have on our neighborhood. I applaud DPD for taking a step forward, but also encourage them to do the one thing that most needs to happen in this city - hire more police officers.

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