Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ideas for Warrendale: Posting Photos of Dealers

K (real name withheld upon request) wrote in to suggest:
There really ought to be some big, annonymous website and blogs to post photos of "alleged" drug deals going down,, faces, license plates, exact location, time/date, organized by State, city, and RESPONSIBLE police precint, mayor, and county sheriff. IF there was a BIG website,, for people to create postings across the nation,, all in ONE, easy to find webspace,, it would become VERY big, popular and noticeable by the police and newsmedia... and participation by local residents would be phenomenal.

We could also notifiy the local newsmedia to check out the website and see all the crime going down.
There is such a site. And you found it. Send me any photos, video or information that you want. I'll post it.

As for the local news media, I'm working on that part.
Did you know that it is illegal to have basket-ball hoops parked out in the streets? No laws allow for the playing of B-Ball in the street. Call the cops to get these off the streets... they belong in the yard. The reason for the law.. is to keep children SAFELY away from moving cars. But drug dealers and "street punks" like to have basket ball practice in the streets, to have an excuse to hang out in the street and watch out for cops coming down the road. And to make some drug deals appear less obvious.
Yes, I know it's illegal to have a basketball hoop in a public street - although I didn't know about drug dealers using those kids as look-outs.

I know of several people who have reported those hoops to the City by calling 3-1-1. They've been rather slow in responding to those complaints. However, if enough people file enough complaints, eventually it they feel compelled to act.