Thursday, June 29, 2006

Warrendale (Detroit) Blog Gets Updated

As soon as you logged on, you probably noticed that there have been a few changes to the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog. I thought I'd take a moment to run through all of those changes and outline why I made them.

The first that you'll likely to have noticed was the change in color scheme. With all of the other changes that I made, changing the color scheme - more than anything else - served to alert my readers that a lot of stuff has changed.

The column where my posts appear is now a bit wider as well. This will enable me to post photos that are slightly larger.

Along the right-hand column you may notice that there are now a total of 21 sites that are hyper-linked. All of them are related to Warrendale, Detroit or our neighbor, Dearborn. I also have a link in there for O'Halloran's Tippery Pub. If anyone knows of another Warrendale business that has a web site, please let me know. I'll add a web site for them as well.

Continuing down the right-hand column, you'll see links to my previous articles and archives that go back to my first post on this blog - way back in December of 2005.

If you're looking for information about something in particular, right beneath the link to my archives is a search field that is powered by Google. You can use it to find anything - either on this site or elsewhere on the web.

Beneath that is a link to where you can download the Google Pack for free. It contains a lot of cool software for Windows that I've found to be quite useful.

Right below the Google Pack link is a Technorati link. This enables you to see the other blogs that link themselves to the Warrendale blog. As of right now, there are three of them but I'm sure that more will show up soon.

The final thing that you'll see in the right-hand column is a subscription form from Bloglet. If you're interested, you can enter you email address in that field and you'll get an email alert every time I post something to this blog. You don't have to do if, of course, but I think it's a nice option to have.

Last but not least, I added a license to this blog from Creative Commons. You'll see at the very bottom of this page. It means that if someone would like to use copywritten text or photos from this site, they are welcome to do as long as it's for a non-commercial purpose and I'm given credit for my work. (If you want to use anything on here for a commericial purpose, please let me know and we'll work somekind of an arrangement out.)

Thank you for visiting the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog.

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Kent McVittie said...

As a past resident of Warrendale (we moved from Asbury Park and Warren Ave in 1978) I appreciate your updates on the old neighborhood. I will keep checking in. Thanks.