Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mail Bag: Trash, Trash & More Trash #5

CanoeCarver wrote in to say:
I thought I had either heard or read that City Council had accepted Kilpatrick's budget, with the addition of reinstating bulk pick-up quarterly, with an assessed fee of 75 dollars per quarter. Has this passed? Or, is the city still in the debating stage? I would gladly pay this fee to have the convenience of only taking yard debris and other cast-offs to the curb. Taking away this service is what really escalated the dumping. I would think that instead of declaring war on his constituency, Kilpatrick would prefer to aide in providing services to the city's residents. I think this war mentality will only divide the city, and probably hurt him in the long run, but then again, would that be such a bad idea?
I've heard a lot of contradictory information out of news media on the monthly fee for the trash collection, bulk trash collection and everything else. I called Mayor Kilpatrick's office, spoke with one of his staff members and this is what I was told.
  1. The City of Detroit will indeed start levying a monthly fee to pay for weekly trash collection. That fee only covers the weekly collection of our Courville containers.
  2. Now that the monthly fee is in place, the City is eliminating the 3 mils that are assessed onto everyone's property taxes for trash collection. This minimizes the actual cost to homeowners somewhat.
  3. The City Council and Mayor Kilpatrick worked out a plan to squeeze another $9 million out of the budget to reinstate the pick-up of bulk trash. However, those pick-ups will not resume until this November. Anyone placing bulk trash out for collection between now and November could face a fine from the City.

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