Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mail Bag: Ryan Playground

CanoeCarver also wrote in to say:
I just drove past Greenview Park AKA Lloyd Ryan. The grass is two feet high. Do the citizens also have a right to declare war on the administration's neglect of our parks? Even the racist criminal, Coleman A. Young, still was able to provide an aesthetic upkeep to our communities while lining his pockets. The hypocracy of instituting this task force against residents, while having the nerve to take away services and to not even supply basic mowing to the parks speak volumes about our current administration. What will it take for Detroiters to stop shooting themselves in their collective feet?
You are correct - the grass at the Lloyd Ryan Playground went quite some time without being cut. I'm not sure exactly how long they went without cutting it, but they obviously let it slide for way too long.

I snapped this photo earlier in the week. It shows grass that would be long enough for a homeowner to get a ticket from DAH if it were a private home.

A day later, someone came by and mowed the grass. However, in my opinion, they did a rush job on it and just didn't do it right.

Notice all of the tall grass by the slide?

If my front lawn was like that, the City would still give me a ticket for not having it mowed properly.

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