Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mail Bag: NFL/YET-Boys & Girls Club

An anonymous reader wrote, in response to my post about the NFL/YET - Boys & Girls Club, to say:
Funny how Herman Gardens is welcomed back as part of Warrendale now that the undesirables have been relocated. I never heard anything of this Herman Gardens is part of Warrendale, especially during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

I seriously doubt that when some Warrendale residents went around claiming that Warrendale was leased by the city of Detroit from Dearborn/Heights/Township? and would return to Dearborn at some point in the future they would have laid claim to Herman Gardens as part of their new “City of Warrendale”.

Who in the hell is Richard and Sandy Dauch? The site needs be named after Judge Greg Mathis or Ms. Ruth Williams not some fly by night egomaniacs.
The anonymous reader raises a couple of issues.

The boundaries of "Warrendale" have changed over the years, a fact that I addressed in some of the earlier posts on this blog. Some folks believe that Warrendale's eastern boundary is the Southfield Freeway, because that's the boundary for the Warrendale Community Organization.

For purposes of this blog, I pretty much disregard that notion and include everything south of Joy Road that's in the City of Detroit. From what I understand, at one point in time, that was Warrendale's original boundaries. The Warren Avenue Community Organization split away from the WCO because they thought the neighborhood could get twice as much block grants by splitting in two.

(Full disclosure: this is only what I was told by a pair of long time residents. I haven't seen any official records that would prove this. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me.)

Anyway, there are more than a dozen different businesses on east side of the Southfield Freeway that are named Warrendale (e.g., the Warrendale Bar, Warrendale Dental Center and so on). Based on that, I include all of Detroit on both sides of the freeway and always have. People living on Archdale are just as much my neighbors as folks living on Faust.

As for Richard and Sandy Dauch and why the campus is named after them, Mr. and Mrs. Dauch were generous with their wealth. It's their generousity that will enable the NFL/YET to build an ever bigger and better facility in Warrendale. I have absolutely no problems with naming the campus after them and object to referring to them as "fly by night egomaniacs."


canoecarver said...

I had to respond to the blogger who made the comment about Richard and Sandy Dauch. "Who the hell are" they? Briefly, Sandy Dauch is a native Michigander. She is known for her dedication to youth organizations, as well as education. Richard Dauch owns Detroit-based company American Axel, and played college football for the Boilermakers. Both have donated millions to education and other youth services. So, with ties to Michigan, both familial and professional, and a long-standing history of philanthropical endeavors as well as a love for football. I say who better to make this millions of dollars donation. Judging by the poster's other recommendations for a namesake, I can only ascertain that the real issue is that the Dauchs are white. It's this spiteful racism that pushes Warrendale, and the City of Detroit, further into the sewer. By the way, my Uncle's family was one of the first residents of Herman Gardens, which was built to house returning war veterans. And two, there are plenty of undesirables in Warrendale now that Herman Gardens is gone, just look at Warren Avenue. I've lived here my whole life, as have my parents and grandparents. it's a disgusting shame what has happened to this once tight-knit Polish community. If anyone would like to donate even a dollar to the shithole this community has become, shame on anybody else who would try to belittle that offer. Drop the race cards, and let’s have a community that Warrendale once was.

canoecarver said...
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Anonymous said...

I am still miffed about what you talking when accuse me of playing the so called “race card” because I am not sure how I can play the race card when I did not even know who these people were, the Dauchs, are let alone their race. (Hence, my question who the hell are they?)

If anyone played the “race card” it was you: “Judging by the poster's other recommendations for a namesake, I can only ascertain that the real issue is that the Dauchs are white”

So, let me get this straight because I merely a) question where have these people been for the people of Warrandale/Herman Gardens before now and b) based on the fact they have not been for the people I suggested the site be name after a community activist such as Ms. Williams who actually lived in the Herman Gardens and fought everyday to rid the Herman Gardens of the gangs and dope dealers in a wheelchair while the Dauchs were busy laying up in Bloomfield Hills and plotting on how many buildings in the Midwest that can put their names on before they die that’s playing the race card?

My point in regards to the naming of the building was written from anti-corporate egomaniac.. give the people some sort of recognition for the time they spent fighting for a safe environment point of view not an anti-white point of view. I despise people who try to purchase furthermore, I have an issue with and corporations plastering their name over sports stadiums and elected officials putting their names up on buildings… bottom line. So, I don’t know what you were going through that day maybe you listened to some Fox New, Rush Limbaugh, Drew and Mike or talked to your former Warrendale neighbor that moved up to Howell that got you all amped up.

If they cared so much they would live here in the community. If they cared so much they would not care about having their names plastered all over the Midwest. Serious how many more buildings do they want their names up on? Did they give money to the community groups in Warrendale? What they do to help the poorest of the Warrendale residents when they were in the Herman Gardens.

Philanthropist make anonymous donations all the time. The group who got together to give the children in Kalamazoo a free college education they did not seek to have their names it the spotlight...That tells me they did not do it out of ego unlike like the Dauchs what’s this their 4 building.

Part 2
Now my point about what parts of NW Detroit make up Warrendale does directly speak to race and I am figuring what you are really referring to when you claim that I played the “race card”. I know the official boundaries of Warrendale starts at Joy that was not my point. My point was don’t play coy with me, all the good old boys from Warrendale know good and well that if the city of Detroit and State allowed you all get away with breaking away from the city with that b.s story yawl ran around with for years about being leased from Dearborn Height/twp/city until 2000 or what every that nonsense was about while Herman Gardens was full of poor black people you would not have laid claim Herman Gardens was part of the new city of Warrendale. I am alleging that all of this talk about Herman Gardens being part of Warrendale is self-serving and comes at a might convenient time. I am saying it’s funny how people over here have flipped the script now that the undesirables are gone.

White homeowners associations were the norm all over Warrendale and Detroit in during 30’s-60’s. The Warrendale community groups are well know for being packed full of old racist Poles who say things like: “I lived here my whole life, as have my parents and grandparents.” and “it's a disgusting shame what has happened to this once tight-knit Polish community”. Being a new school racist your more refined so you will stop short of blaming them damn Negros for “ruining” the community but once and a while you all slip up and show you’re a** and spray paint a swastika a school.

Part 3 specifically for canoecarver

What ruined your little Poland over here was the redlining by banks and the FHA predecessor, decline of the auto industry, highway construction and moreover your own people’s fears and ignorance concerning race.

Since you pissed me off and care so much about a tight knit polish community how about you buy a one way ticket to Łódź where I hear they have a really “tight-knit Polish community”. But on your way out make sure you stop by the military seminary and stop by my granddads grave get on your knees and thank him for killing them Nazis so that you even have a homeland to return. I have always found it odd that some Poles after having their county wiped off the map by the Nazis have the gall to act like one. How’s about that for a race card. When I play it you will know it.

canoecarver said...

LOL Instead of getting personal, I'll just say my wife enjoyed your response more than I did. she's black by the way. And yes, she does not refer to herself as African American, just black, as I am white. The parents of three beautiful children who are somewhere in between. Your ignorance did not surprise me, but it did her. Thanks for proving my point.

canoecarver said...

But still I must say...

Really for "anonymous"...I have a hard time just letting things go, which would explain why I spend a good deal of nights on the couch. The Dauch's are not from West Bloomfield, Sandy was born and raised here. Usually, when a charitable donation is named, it is done so not by the person or people bestowing the funds, but by the entity that received the funds out of a courtesy to the benefactor. Unfortunately, people from Warrendale are low to middle class and cannot afford to make a sizeable donation. Is this fair? Wow, I don't know. I didn't know who Ms. Williams was/is, and who's fault it is that she did not get media attention, or make a million dollars. If she had, maybe the community as a whole could have gotten together and bestowed that honor to her. I am not really a fan of the Dauchs, and by that I mean I really don't know much about them. How many buildings do they own? I don't know. And of how many of those is their name on? Couldn't tell you. It's not about the building and the name on the building. It's about taking a piece of land that currently has no use and making it a place where the youth of this city can maybe benefit from. Now if their name will be "plastered all over" the building, I don't know for sure if it will be. Are they owed some thanks for investment in this city? My God yes, how can that be disputed. Did you, "anonymous" actively rally so that the public at large knew who Ms. Williams is/was? Reading the available census data, I can tell you that there are no millionaires in Warrendale, so it's a little ridiculous to hold that against the Dauchs.

From a long time Detroitophile, I too am put off by Tiger Stadium being renamed Comerica Park, angered by it? Not really. For the record, I rarely watch Fox News; I prefer the local news or World News Tonight. I listen to Drew and Mike daily, and if you did, you would know that neither of them are conservative republicans. I believe that they are disgusted with Detroit's current administration, not because the mayor is black by the way, but because there are numerous indiscretions that end up costing the residents of Detroit in the long run. Rush Limbaugh is a little over the top for most sane, rational people. I never listen to him, and I normally will not give an opinion unless I educate myself first, but I have no desire to give my listening time to any fanatic, left or right wing. And I have no friends who have moved to Howell from Warrendale, and since you are interested I have no friends in Howell period, so you must have me confused with another white guy whom you know equally well.

Where the original boundaries of Warrendale were, I cannot say, I do know that you write with certainty that is was at Joy Rd. I am assuming that you have already consulted a Platt Map at the City County building, because I looked online, and could not find one anywhere. Again, I will say that Herman Gardens was not always poor blacks. Up through the 70's, maybe later even, it was a good mix of ethnicities and races. Why did the whites leave Herman Gardens? I don't know. I do know the house I own in Warrendale was built in 1929, and my original deed states Dearborn Township. Was the village of Warrendale acquired for census population numbers by the City of Detroit? I have heard that. I have also heard that the village itself voted to dissolve itself and annex with the City of Detroit to take advantage of city water and other city services, when back in the late 1920s was actually worth aligning itself with. When I had my house appraised, and inspected by the City of Detroit, my appraiser did tell me that this area was indeed leased by the city. Will it revert back? Who knows? That has indeed been a rumor that I have heard my entire life. Frank, that could be a worthwhile project for you...Find out for us, let’s get to the bottom of this rumor. I still am not convinced that the typical Warrendale resident really cares if what was once Herman Gardens is included in the non-existent village of Warrendale. I know I don't.

Whether white-homeowner associations were common in the 1930s through 1960s, I am not sure, I know my parents bought their house in 1971, and they never belonged to one. I asked my Mom to make sure, and she said that my grandparents bought their house in 1954, and never belonged to one either. Funny, but my in-laws did belong to one in Lathrup Village, where my wife was raised. Obviously, it was not a white homeowner's association.

Since you felt the urge to attack my deceased grandparents, I will tell you that although they did live in Warrendale, they were not Poles. My Polish grandparents lived on the Eastside of Detroit on the boarder of Highland Park. What's left of East Montana Avenue is nothing but maybe 4 dilapidated houses and empty fields. My dad was almost in tears driving through there about 10 years ago. Who's to blame? You make a lot of good points, and I actually agree with you. And for the record, I never heard the word Negro or any other "N" word in my home growing up. Shame on you for thinking you know me and my family so well.

Finally, I was born in Detroit, as were my parents. My Dad's parents came to Detroit to leave a war-torn village. They always considered the US as their home, as did my father and of course, myself. "Go back where you came from" is actually something Rush Limbaugh would say, and is an attitude that I was never raised with. What I meant when I said tight-knit community is that when I was a kid, growing up here, we had to be home when the streetlights came on, we were not allowed to walk or ride our bikes in the street, litter or even talk loudly when walking down the street. If we did, there was a neighbor who would call your Mom and Dad, and you mostly likely would get an ass whipping. Every neighbor watched out for each other. We left our bikes out all night, and never locked our doors. Kids respected the elderly, and of course there was no drug trafficking, prostitution, vandalism, etc. Every parent was responsible for their child. This was not a fairy tail, this was Warrendale. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Your full of it, you got some nerve you brought the whole racial issue in the discussion and now you want to play hurt. Let keep this in all in context: You accused me of playing the race card when I had no clue who the Daush’s were that’s why you got the response you did and now I got to deal with the pseudo-intellectual that runs this site and his fan club calling me a bigot. Now you want to act hurt, mild mannered and coming up with this crock of **it that I attack your grandparents.

Understand, the "don’t play the race card" argument is used by Whites who want to dismiss the role White racism has played in shaping society and the condition racial minorities are in today. I don’t know any respectable White person who will use that phrase because they know it’s a racist concept to being with. So when you said that b.s about: “Judging by the poster's other recommendations for a namesake, I can only ascertain that the real issue is that the Dauchs are white.”… “Drop the race cards” you will get a very angry response from me.

Furthermore, if you: “don't know. I didn't know who Ms. Williams” is why would accuse me of playing the race card initially? Please tell me that. Ms. Williams could have very well have been White then you would look even more foolish for asserting that I am playing the race card. You just wanted a reason to show your a**.

“I said tight-knit community”

That’s not what you said. You said a tight-knit POLISH community, I know damn well what that means. You also stated “Whether white-homeowner associations were common in the 1930s through 1960s, I am not sure” Well I know they were common and a racist segment of the Polish community belonged to them and fought to keep it tight-knit and Polish by keeping Blacks and other racial minorities out. So that context that’s also why I responded in the manner I did.

As far as attacking your grandparents what are you talking about? I did not mention them at all. I said if you care so much about living in a “tight-knit Polish community” go to Poland to a small town called Łódź where its largely ethnically Polish and you want have nothing to worry about. And on your way out go visit the military cemetery and thank my granddad that you have homeland to return to.

I don’t believe you have a “black wife” it sounds like a twist on the “I have Black friends so I cant be a racist” claim you all like to use. But lets assume you indeed you do and she is from Lathrup Village, finds what I said about White racism amusing, married to be what appears to be a ignorant White man she is a very confused woman who does not have a clue who she is as far as I am concerned. Now do not come back whimpering about me attacking her cause YOU brought your family up not me.

canoecarver said...

Not hurt, only amused...and now, I'm just bored with your rhetoric...I only feel sorry for you.