Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mail Bag: NFL/YET-Boys & Girls Club

An anonymous reader wrote, in response to my post about the NFL/YET - Boys & Girls Club, to say:
Funny how Herman Gardens is welcomed back as part of Warrendale now that the undesirables have been relocated. I never heard anything of this Herman Gardens is part of Warrendale, especially during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

I seriously doubt that when some Warrendale residents went around claiming that Warrendale was leased by the city of Detroit from Dearborn/Heights/Township? and would return to Dearborn at some point in the future they would have laid claim to Herman Gardens as part of their new “City of Warrendale”.

Who in the hell is Richard and Sandy Dauch? The site needs be named after Judge Greg Mathis or Ms. Ruth Williams not some fly by night egomaniacs.
The anonymous reader raises a couple of issues.

The boundaries of "Warrendale" have changed over the years, a fact that I addressed in some of the earlier posts on this blog. Some folks believe that Warrendale's eastern boundary is the Southfield Freeway, because that's the boundary for the Warrendale Community Organization.

For purposes of this blog, I pretty much disregard that notion and include everything south of Joy Road that's in the City of Detroit. From what I understand, at one point in time, that was Warrendale's original boundaries. The Warren Avenue Community Organization split away from the WCO because they thought the neighborhood could get twice as much block grants by splitting in two.

(Full disclosure: this is only what I was told by a pair of long time residents. I haven't seen any official records that would prove this. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me.)

Anyway, there are more than a dozen different businesses on east side of the Southfield Freeway that are named Warrendale (e.g., the Warrendale Bar, Warrendale Dental Center and so on). Based on that, I include all of Detroit on both sides of the freeway and always have. People living on Archdale are just as much my neighbors as folks living on Faust.

As for Richard and Sandy Dauch and why the campus is named after them, Mr. and Mrs. Dauch were generous with their wealth. It's their generousity that will enable the NFL/YET to build an ever bigger and better facility in Warrendale. I have absolutely no problems with naming the campus after them and object to referring to them as "fly by night egomaniacs."

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