Monday, June 26, 2006

Lake Greenview

I'm a bit tardy in reporting this one, but Warrendale got hit with an impressive amount of rain last Wednesday. The result was Greenview, between Kirkwood and Ford Road, was pretty much flooded with water that went up to the curb in spots.

Somewhere under all of that water was a pair of storm drains that were presumably clogged with debris.

After taking the picture, I actually spent a moment trying to find the drains so I could unclog them. Of course, I then realized the one good thing about a flooded street - it forces folks to walk on the sidewalk instead of in the street.

Plus, drivers were slowing down instead of racing along that stretch of road. It was then that I decided to leave it be for awhile.

When I returned later in the day, the water had drained away. Apparently, someone else had decided to unclog the storm drain.

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