Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quick Warning

Speaking of Motor City Make Over, I wanted to give one quick warning to everyone in Warrendale.

A couple of months ago, it looked like the City of Detroit was going to do a curbside bulk pick-up for everyone as part of Motor City Make Over this month. However, due to the City's continuing budget problems, that has been cancelled.

More importantly, the Department of Administrative Hearings has already had their inspectors out writing tickets for anyone who has trash out in front of their homes. I know of at least two people who have gotten tickets from them for have stuff out for a bulk pick-up that isn't coming.

Since those tickets are $200 or more each (depending on how much trash you have out there), I encourage everyone not to leave stuff in front of your house. No one really needs that kind of a fine.

From my own experience, you can actually fit a lot of stuff in those Courville containers. Plus, if you ask your neighbors first and they have space, you can almost always find someone who is happy to let you throw another bag of trash in their container.

And if you have a lot of debris, you can also take it to DPW's Southfield Yard (12255 Southfield Freeway Service Drive, which is on the southbound side - just south of I-96). You can also find a lot of other key details about what is accepted at the Southfield Yard, their hours and a bunch of other details here.

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