Friday, May 26, 2006

Mayor Kilpatrick Takes On Illegal Dumping

Detroit's Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick announced earlier this week that he is declaring war on illegal dumping in the City of Detroit. While I can't help but feel that the idea of a politician declaring "war" on something or another is rapidly becoming a cliche, I'm glad to hear that he intends to work on this issue aggresively.

More importantly, I look forward to seeing tangible results that live up to Mayor Kilpatrick's words.

In the meantime, you can read the complete text of Mayor Kilpatrick's remarks here.


canoecarver said...

I thought I had either heard or read that City Council had accepted Kilpatrick's budget, with the addition of reinstating bulk pick-up quarterly, with an assessed fee of 75 dollars per quarter. Has this passed? Or, is the city still in the debating stage? I would gladly pay this fee to have the convenience of only taking yard debris and other cast-offs to the curb. Taking away this service is what really escalated the dumping. I would think that instead of declaring war on his constituency, Kilpatrick would prefer to aide in providing services to the city's residents. I think this war mentality will only divide the city, and probably hurt him in the long run, but then again, would that be such a bad idea?

canoecarver said...

I just drove past Greenview Park AKA Lloyd Ryan. The grass is two feet high. Do the citizens also have a right to declare war on the administration's neglect of our parks? Even the racist criminal, Coleman A. Young, still was able to provide an aesthetic upkeep to our communities while lining his pockets. The hypocracy of instituting this task force against residents, while having the nerve to take away services and to not even supply basic mowing to the parks speak volumes about our current administration. What will it take for Detroiters to stop shooting themselves in their collective feet?