Thursday, April 06, 2006

Project Clean Comes to Warrendale

One of the things that was announced at the monthly meeting of the Warrendale Community Organization this week is that this year's edition of Motor City Make Over is tentatively slated for Saturday, May 13. We will clean the southbound Southfield Fwy. service drive - starting at Joy Road and going south from there.

What makes this year's event different is that this time we will get some extra help from Detroit Synergy and their Project Clean. This means that there will be an extra dozen or so volunteers at this year's clean up.


However - this does come with one small problem. At last year's clean up, there was only a half dozen or so people at the Warrendale clean up. I can't help but think that it would really suck if there were more people from outside of the Warrendale area who came to clean our neighborhood then there were from Warrendale.

Therefore, I really hope that a bunch of us will come out to help clean our neighborhood.

Save the date - Saturday, May 13. I'll post the time once it's confirmed.

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