Friday, April 14, 2006

New Businesses in Warrendale

There really can be no denying that the economy in southeastern Michigan is far worse off than it could or should be. Morever, Detroit seems to be doing even worse than some of our suburban neighbors - and the City's current budget crunch isn't helping matters. All of this is why I am especially trilled to see new businesses opening up in Warrendale.

Each one brings jobs and tax revenue to a community that, quite frankly, is in desperate need of both.

Each one means one less empty storefront in our community; adding health and vitality to the neighborhood.

The gas station/old Dunkin' Donuts location at the southwest corner of W. Warren Avenue and Evergreen has sat vacant for years. (I think it closed in 1999, but I could be wrong about that one). Anyway, there is currently a crew there getting it ready to reopen.

The former location of the Warrendale Community Credit Union, which went out of business a couple of years ago, is now reborn as the Serv-U-Well Pharmacy.

Speaking of pharmacies, there was a work crew at the old Novack Drugs location today. This is another storefront on W. Warren Avenue that has been sitting empty for years. I couldn't tell exactly what they were doing there and didn't grab a photo of the place. (Sorry, the batteries died on my camera - I keep forgetting my spare set at home).

Last, but not least, we also have Dura Metro coming soon to a location in Warrendale. I don't know when they're opening; just that they have a "Coming Soon" banner hanging from a building on W. Warren Avenue.

I know absolutely nothing about Dura Metro. I think I saw an ad for them somewhere at some point because their name sounds vaguely familiar. However, I couldn't find anything for the company when I searched that name under both Google and Yahoo!.

Regardless, it's great to see this many new businesses coming to Warrendale.

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