Monday, April 24, 2006

Mail Bag: Cash Advance

Regarding a cash advance place moving into the "Little Castle", an anonymous reader wrote in to say:
Well it is something, but i can't help but see this as a bad thing. Cash advance places are nothing but a BAD sign for a neighborhood. They are notorious for preying on on low income families.
You are correct that cash advance places are notorious for preying on low-income families. However, I do think that we need to keep this in perspective and not start thinking that this is the end of Warrendale as we know it.

We're not the only place to have one of these businesses move in. Clinton Township, a fairly affluent suburb, has 3 of them. Waterford, another affluent suburb, has 4 of them. Livonia has 2 of them. Auburn Hills has the Palace of Auburn Hills, the Detroit Pistons - and a cash advance store.

If all of those communities can handle having of these stores in their neighborhood, so can Warrendale. For the time being, at least we have one less vacant storefront on W. Warren Ave. and another business paying taxes into the City.

I simply hope that they hire a couple of Warrendale residents to work there. The way I see things, they'll be less likely to truly abuse folks if some of their employees actually live here.

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