Monday, April 24, 2006

Mail Bag: A Bunch of Questions

Canoe Carver wrote in to say:
Just a couple of comments from a long time resident...First, it was a Dawn Donuts at Evergreen and Warren, I worked there when I was 15. Second...That stripped car was removed yesterday, April 17, finally...Although I am impressed by the fast response, and by fast I mean Detroit standards. Which brings me to a question...Who do we harrass to get the (at least) three burnt out houses torn down? One is on Brace and two are on Faust. There may very well be more. PS I am also interested in a Warrendale Newsletter, is there an E version? Thanks for the info, and the blog.
First and foremost, thank you for correcting me about the donut store. Dunkin' Donuts. Dawn Donuts. I get them mixed up sometimes.

As far as those houses go, your best bet is to call 3-1-1 and let them know that the house is vacant and open to trespass.

As a side note: "vacant and open to trespass" is the second highest priority the City has when it comes to demolishing a home. Their highest priority is those that are in imminent danger of collapse. If you have a background in construction or engineering and you think that this the case, please mention it to the 3-1-1 operator instead of simply saying that it's "vacant and open to trespass."

Oh, and the Warrendale Community Organization doesn't have an electronic version of their newsletter. Although, there have been one or two people who have suggested that this blog become their newsletter.

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