Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dumped in Warrendale

I noticed an abandoned car in Warrendale today. Unfortunately, abandoned cars are nothing out of the ordinary in Detroit. However, this one was a bit unusual in terms of how obvious it was that that this one had been stripped and dump here.

It's pretty obvious that the entire front end had been stripped away, making this more than just another car parked on the side of the road. In fact, not only has most of the front end been stripped, the engine is gone as well.

Nothing but leaves where the engine used to be (along with a couple of hoses that whoever dumped it didn't feel like taking). The fact that there are leaves in the engine compartment indicates that the car has probably been there for a few days. It takes awhile for that many of them to blow in to the empty engine compartment.

The VIN has also been removed from the vehicle:

Along with its license plate:

And the tires on one side of the car:

I reported this one to the Northwestern District of the Detroit Police Department this afternoon. We'll have to see how long it takes DPD to respond to this one.


Anonymous said...

I reported two mustangs in similar condition outside my house on thanksgiving. They appeared during the Parade (probably becaue they knew all the cops would be downtown).

The hulks were gone within 24 hours. I assume they must have a junker that grabs em.

Anonymous said...

hello ,,, i have a problem with the dumping near this corner where the veh was,, i clean this area ,, and lately someone comes by and drops carpets and black bags
and so tired of cleaning and cutting the grass ,, just to have someone dump there trash there every month
what can i do to stop this

Anonymous said...

word just cant explain ,,, i spent 2 days after getting of work cleaning a city lot street ,, where this red car was abandoned,,, finall finished , i leave my home between 10pm and 11pm to come back to find after spending 2hours a day after 5pm cleaning this street,, that someone again dumped a black bag and carpet , again for the second month or in as many weeks, i dont know what to do now ,, with this trash help !