Friday, March 10, 2006

La Hacienda is For Sale

La Hacienda Mexican Restaraunt (18712 W. Warren Ave. - (313) 271-6677) is now up for sale. They are still serving great Mexican food, but they're looking for someone to take the business over. The owners, Fabian Rosa and his family, have been a wonderful part of the Warrendale community for years.

Once upon a time, La Hacienda was a popular lunchtime destination for nearby Ford employees. However, thanks to all of the layoffs, there aren't as many of those people from Ford as their used to be and the ones who are left aren't eating out as often as they used to.

For what it's worth, I'm hoping that the Rosas get a great offer from someone who will keep the place alive. Or better yet that they'll get a resurgance of business and decide to take their business off the market.

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