Sunday, February 12, 2006

Super Bowl XL Is Now History

It has finally happened. Super Bowl XL, an event that everyone in southeastern Michigan has waited for and, in many cases, worried about, is now history.

Downtown Detroit looks amazing. I've always been bullish about Detroit, but even I am pleasantly suprised by how far the central business district has come in a relatively short period of time.

Former Mayor Dennis Archer deserves a lot of credit from bringing Super Bowl XL to Detroit. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick also deserves credit for a lot of the things that have happened downtown. Roger Penske, of course, also deserves an enourmous amount of credit for everything that he has done in connection with this.

Of course, now that downtown is looking so great, I can't help but feel that it's time for some more attention to be paid to the neighborhoods. Ordinary residents can do a l0t, but we do our local government to do their part.

We can tell the police who is selling drugs and where the prostitutes are operating. Sooner or later, though, a police officer has to show up and make an arrest.

We can remind our neighbors that monthly trash pick-up has ended and report those who continue to leave large piles of trash in front of their homes. However, if no one ever issues a ticket to the repeat offenders then all is for naught.

For the past five years, I have heard one public official after another use the Super Bowl as their excuse for concentrating all of their time, attention and resources on downtown. Now that Super Bowl XL has passed into the history books, it's time for the neighborhoods to receive a little attention.

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