Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mail Bag: Trash, Trash & More Trash #3

I love it when people take the time to respond to my posts on this blog, even when they don't leave their names. An anonymous users wrote in after my post on illegal dumping in Warrendale to say:
Interesting Observation! I agree that overall we do not have as many police officers on the streets as we would like, you always want more. But, I can say that there are more police officers than before the restructuring, which is definitely a good thing.

Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick definately deserves credit for reorganizing the Detroit Police Department and putting 100 more officers on patrol. However, according to the Detroit Police Officers Association, we lost more than 500 officers during Ella Bully-Cummings tenure as chief of police. That is in addition to the officers lost during Jerry Oliver's tenure.

Putting 100 more officers on patrol after losing 500+ is still a net loss of more than 400 police officers on the job since Mayor Kilpatrick took office. That, in my opinion, is the exact opposite of what should be happening.

And that is why I published a proposal to help turn the tide - by at least a small margin.

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Anonymous said...

I was just turned on to your blog, and I had to add to the posts on Trash. Living in Warrendale, almost my whole life, I have really seen the neighborhood go downhill in a rapid spiral. At least among my my neighbors, I have not really noticed a problem with blight, except for the occasional eviction, which is usually good for the area. The main point I wanted to make is that our trash pick-up is not very consistant. Just when you think there is no more bulk pick-up, the collectors come by. Sometimes, they arrive a week late, sometimes not at all. The 24 hour thing is a joke. The trash collectors are not held resposnsible for no-shows, we as citizens cannot be held responsible to an inconsistant schedule. My bulk pick-up was picked up on Wednesday, right on schedule (this month, btw) That is directed to the blogger who stated there is no more bulk pick-up. Anyway, I do not support dumping trash all over your yard or the street. Just use common sense, people, like my parents and grandparents did (in Warrendale) when it was considered desireable still. As Mayor Archer said, clean the street in front of your house, pick up your own yard, help those who cannot do for themselves, take some responsibility for your home and your children.