Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mail Bag: Trash, Trash & More Trash #2

As I continue to plow through my mail bag, Sylvia Hubbard wrote in to say:
Not to be completely negative toward this blog entry, Frank, but as a lover of this great city, I would implore you to complain to people who can actually do something about the problem (blight).

If you feel your neighbors are violating environmental laws in the city of Detroit, you should call the 311 number and make a report.

Actually, I have called 3-1-1 on multiple occassions. Most of the time no one answers. In addition, there is also the fact that the Warrendale Community Organization documents 100+ cases of people violating the environmental ordinances every month and turns them in.

The problem isn't on the reporting side, in my opinion. It has to do with enforcement. We can call 3-1-1 every hour on the hour, but if the enforcement isn't happening then it only makes the problem worse.

This, of course, is why I recommended in my post on the subject that DPD rehire some of its recently laid off officers and assign them to environmental duties. The fines would be more than enough pay their salary and benefits. (I found $6,000 worth of potential fines in less than an hour and wasn't even looking for them).

By the way, I'm not the only one who has problems with the 3-1-1 service. You can see a discussion about it on the Detroit YES forum here.

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