Sunday, January 22, 2006

The "Little Castle" is For Sale

On the northwest corner of W. Warren Avenue and Ashton is a little building that, when I was little, I always referred to as the "Little Castle". If you wonder why I called it that, just look at its roof line and think like an eight year-old for a moment.

Once upon a time, it used to house a tax service before becoming vacant for several years. At one point, there was talk of a cell phone store going into that location but nothing ever came of it.

The building itself has been vacant for a few years. Now it looks like it's all set for a new owner to move in and take the place over.


Dearborn Blog said...

know the price?

Anonymous said...

I used to like the old glazed brick that adorned this building, prior to its renovation. It does not look bad now, but its lost its historc character. This would make a great little burger joint.

Anonymous said...

How have residential prices been faring over the past few years?

Seems like there are lots of homes for sale, and lots of those east of the Southfield seem like repo/foreclosures.

What have home prices been doing: Steady, improving, declining?

Anonymous said...

The slow market is not unusual to Warrendale. One of the more alarming things were the number of foreclosed properties as a result of Wayne County putting down the hammer on those not paying taxes.

The market is slow everywwhere. I recently saw a news article in one of the dailies that had Detroit's housing market being stable, while all of the suburban areas are showing 5 to 15 percent decreases in the average cost of housing.

I wonder why this question was asked? Retail is still very strong allong the Warren Avenue corridor, is the requstor looking to buy this property?

Dearborn Blog said...

If the price is right, pehaps.