Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Detroit Businesses Vandalized

Three weeks ago, I reported that vandals had smashed in a glass door at La Hacienda (18712 W. Warren Ave. - (313) 271-6677). I'm afraid that things have only gotten worse in the intervening weeks.

Someone also tried breaking into the restaraunt through their main window, which faces W. Warren Ave. There was a second sheet of hard plastic behind the glass that prevented entry into the building - just like what happened with their door.

Not to be content with smashing a window at just one business, someone also smashed the window at Warrendale Insurance (18648 W Warren Ave. - (313) 271-6601).

On behalf of the W.R.W.A.L.H.B.N (that's the "Warrendale Residents Who Actually Like Having Businesses in their Neighborhoods" - yeah, we need to work on that acronymn) I'd like to smack whoever is responsible for this.

I would also like to remind Detroit's Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and the Detroit City Council that cutting police protection is really not a good idea.

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