Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ralph Godbee to Respond to Critics Tomorrow

Ralph L. Godbee, Jr., Detroit's chief of police and a man who has spent almost all of his career in a series of administrative posts, will appear on Flashpoint tomorrow morning. This is billed as a chance for him to respond to critics with host Devin Scillian of WDIV-TV.

It's not clear exactly what Chief Godbee will say tomorrow. However, there are a few questions that I would like Mr. Scillian, or any other reporter, to ask.

  • Why does the Detroit Police Department have a response time for priority runs that is 113% worse than it was under his predecessor? I doubt one can say be the budget is entirely the cause of this because the City of Detroit had a budget crisis back then, too.
  • Why is it that the parts of Detroit that are patrolled by the Wayne State Police Department not only have drastically shorter response times but are ranked as having some of the lowest per capita crime in the region?
  • Speaking of the Wayne State Police Department, why did crime drop dramatically in certain parts of Detroit when they were transferred from being the responsibility of the Detroit Police Department to being serviced by WSU Police?
These are the questions that I hope Mr. Scillian will ask Chief Godbee tomorrow. We'll have to tune in to see if he does.
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