Friday, June 04, 2010

Real Life OnStar Commericial

Several months ago, the blogs and bulletin boards around Detroit were abuzz in horror. GM shot a commercial that features the police recovering a stolen car, with the whole thing seen from the perspective a dashboard video camera, and - horror of all horrors - the entire thing was shot entirely in Detroit.

If you don't remember this commercial, it's available in its entirety below.

I mention all of this because a real life version of this happened this morning in the Warrendale neighborhood.

Detroit Police arrested a suspect today who allegedly carjacked a 39-year-old woman at a gas station at W. Warren Ave. and Southfield Fwy. this morning. The police later located her vehicle with the help of OnStar. It  was occupied by the suspect and a friend that he later picked up. This friend reportedly had the victim's ATM card in his pocket.
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