Monday, August 10, 2009

Let the Character Assassination Begin

Two of my favorite political consultants, Democrat Joe DiSano and Republican Joe Munem, predict that with the primary behind us we will soon see an impressive amount of character assassination in the race for Detroit's City Council. One likely target of this will almost certain be Charles Pugh, the first openly gay candidate for the City Council in Detroit, who came in first place in the primary last week.

Quite frankly, I think their prediction will prove to be true. President Bill Clinton once opined that politics is a contact sport. That is true at local level, just as it is at the national level.

It's entirely possible that I'm reading way too much into this. However, I can't help but feel that Charles Pugh tried to head some of this off at the proverbial pass during his victory speech last week.

I notice that Charles Pugh started his speech by thanking God. He made an explicit reference to religion - enough to establish himself as someone who believes in God, but didn't go over the proverbial top with it. He struck the right balance, just enough to make anyone who might attack him on religious grounds think twice about such a move.

Charles Pugh also made a couple of references to his family and the support that he received from them. Again, this is crucial in establishing that he - as an openly gay man - isn't anti-family, which is a charge sometimes leveled against gays in the public realm.

I'm certain that Charles Pugh and others will still face personal attacks during the coming three months before Election Day. However, Mr. Pugh seems to be doing his best to head those attacks off before they're even launched.

And that's a smart political move, in my opinion.

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