Thursday, August 06, 2009

7 Of 9

I endorsed nine candidates for the Detroit City Council last month. The primary election was this past Tuesday. I'm proud to report that seven out of the nine candidates that I supported made the cut.

Of course, I'm also proud to report that Monica Conyers and Martha Reeves did not make it.

I congratulate John K. Bennett, Gary Brown, David Jonathon Cross, Fred Elliot Hall, Lisa Howze, Saunteel Jenkins, and Charles Pugh on their performance this Tuesday. I also look forward to supporting Roy McCalister, Jr. and Matthew Naomi in future campaigns.

Most importantly, I want to congratulate my fellow Detroiters on making some fairly wise decisions on Election Day. There are a couple of points where I wish the results were a bit different. However, on the whole, I believe that Detroit's electorate - or at least the ones who showed up to vote - did a great job on Tuesday.
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