Monday, March 12, 2007

Mail Bag: The House With A Hole In It

An anonymous reader wrote in to say:
This hasn't been mentioned in this blog but about a month ago... I think on Feb. 10th there was a bad accident at the intersection of Greenview & Whitlock. A driver ran the yield sign and plowed into a vehicle. One truck turned over on its top and a car plowed into the house on the southeast corner of greenview. The car caught on fire and the house had a hole in the side of it. This was on all 3 major news stations. This house had renters in it that are now displaced. It's been a month and the owner of this house hasn't done ANYTHING to secure the house. There is a big GAPING hole in the side of the house that leads to the basement. It's a clear hazard to schoolkids. That's a route that kids take EVERYDAY to Carver elementary. Not to mention its an easy hideout for the drug addicts. What can be done to at least get someone to cover this hole in the house?? I live right down the street from this and it's an eye sore as well as a danger and nuisance! Please advise.....
That house is definately a nuisance and probably a danger as well. The City of Detroit's Department of Buildings & Safety Engineering is the agency responsible for handling this one.

A representative from B&SE was at the Warrendale Community Organization meeting last Novemeber. I sent him an email about this matter earlier today. Hopefully, he'll respond and we'll see some action soon.

I would also encourage you to report this, and any other problems, to the City's 311 Call Center. They take care of all non-emergency problems in Detroit.
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