Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Election Results

The results from the primary election held yesterday are in.

State Representative Gabe Leland, who was endorsed by this blog, survived a primary challenge from a half dozen different fellow Democrats. Quite frankly, I think if there weren't so many candidate in the running, he might not have made it. However, that wasn't the case. Since the Republicans are not fielding a candidate for that seat in November, Leland is essentially assured re-election at this point.

Former State Representative Tupac Hunter emerged victorious in the Democratic primary for the State Senate seat in our area. He will face Republican candidate, and Warrendale resident, David L. Malhalab this Novemeber for a seat that the incumbent State Senator Burton Leland is forced to give up due to term limits.

Speaking of the elder Leland, while he won't be in Lansing any longer, he will likely still be in professional politics. Burton Leland won the Democratic primary yesterday for the 7th District on the Wayne County Commission, which represents an area north of Warrendale. The Republicans aren't fielding a candidate in that race either so Leland is essentially guaranteed election.

From our own district on the Wayne County Commission, our incumbent commissioner Alisha Bell handidly won a primary race over challlenger Jonathon Kinloch with 90% of the vote, to Kinloch's 10%. (Heck, I managed to get almost 20% of the vote when I ran against Ms. Bell's mother Edna in 1996 - but that's another story).
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